“Life in plastic, it’s fantastic!” – Well, according to Barbie… and Kylie Jenner. Apparently not so great for one surgery-enthusiast…

A Croation stylist checked into hospital to undergo another nose job, while being filmed for a Channel 4 documentary and left with stubborn stiffy. Neven Ciganovic was diagnosed with priapism, where men suffer prolonger – and often painful – erections.

The 45 year-old says: “I was in Iran for rhinoplasty for the documentary film that Channel 4 is filming covering my life.

“We did not record the surgery but only the consultation sessions with the doctor. They gave me general anaesthesia and I reacted badly to it.” Or did he just really like it? J/k.

After moving to another hospital in Serbia to recover, Neven says that he was given nothing for the pain he was in. He reportedly went under the knife to correct the excitement of his member, but will take several months to recover. That’s some price for a septum correction. But it seems like you can’t put a price on fame… As Neven believes he excessive surgery is the route to making him a star… (not a porn star, by the sounds of it).

“I look forward to a movie about myself.” WOAH. THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY. Why because you went in for a little nip and tuck, and now you certainly won’t be tucking anytime soon? Or because your countless surgeries have your mug pulled tighter than an 18th century corset?

“Channel 4 dedicated a whole episode about me. I think this is a big deal and I hope this is the start of my international career.” I MEAN… You kind of have to respect the delusion.

But Neven has something to say to people who think his surgery is overboard:

“I often hear from people that I looked better before surgery. It was a long time ago and I’m curious: Who will not look better if they are 20 years younger?”

People that still look human?