Do you love getting fucked up in the daytime? Ya-huh! Binge-drinking bottles of wine in the park? Duh. Blacking out but not caring about your mistakes ’cause you can’t remember them? Claro! (That’s Spanish for obviously). Well now there’s a song you can play out your speakers and annoy the fuck out of the other peaceful sunbathers.

Rosé All Day is a trashy – albeit quite catchy – pop song dedicated to getting white girl wasted all summer. It’s funny ’cause people in the US only really drink rosé in the summer, y’all missing out ’cause we make bad decisions on that shit all year-round.

Bobby Newberry is the choreographer behind PCD and Missy Elliott, most notably the world’s best routine ever for ‘When I Grow Up’. And you can see he’s still got the moves, just wait for the break.

[H/t: NNN]