Livin’ La-Vida-LUKATAR! Ricky Martin has only gotten sexier with age (and ditching those leather trousers, obvs!), and now the Latin singer is appearing on Lip Sync Battle, performing in his undies. Just the way we like it. If your not familiar with Lip Sync Battles concept, they pit two celebs against each other to see which one can go more OTT and make the most headlines.

And if there’s one way to do it, Ricky Martin’s bulge knows how. Thankfully it’s an upbeat number so there’s a lot of jumping, and we’re applauding the fact that he opted for white too. Choices. Imagine waking up to him making breakfast in an oversized shirt and boxer briefs. OOFT, mama needs a moment. Martin lip-syncs to 80s hit ‘Risky Business’.

Check out the preview below – it’ll be enough for you to check out the full ep when it airs.