We’ve all known an awful neighbour at some in our lives. They complain about noise, or write notes about our parking, one of mine even had a cousin who mugged me. South London y’all. But none are more petty than Ivanka Trump’s. Hundreds of LGBT protestors, from WERK for Peace organisation, twerked on cars, and held signs instructing “GET NATURAL”. Reports have not confirmed as to whether Ivanka had returned home from her trip to New York, or not. But the neighbour wasn’t complaining about that party, for sure.

In fact, she seemed to be having a rather good time. Something the internet was extremely quick to pick up on. Diane Bruce smiled like a chesire cat on acid, and sipped wine while wearing a fur coat, as she watched protestors storm the neighbourhood of Ivanka and Jerad. We can’t imagine what she found so amusing.