Last year, Orlando Bloom broke the internet – and every newspaper cover – with a papped photo series of the actor paddleboarding, but that wasn’t an oar in his hand. Bloom proved he was anything but a wallflower as he paraded around with then-girlfriend Katy Perry wearing nothing but a sports cap. In a recent interview with ELLE magazine, Orlando got straight to the tip point…

“Are we going to talk about my penis?” Bloom asked Elle reporter Eve Barlow. To which Barlow choked on her biscotti. ER, yeah, we’re gonna do a reenactment, get your dick out then.

“Yes, it was extremely surprising,” he confessed. “I wouldn’t have put myself in that position if I’d thought it would happen.” But if you thought he was phased? He weren’t.

“I’ve been photographed a million times in a million ways. I have a good radar,” he said. “We’d been completely alone for five days. Nothing around us. There was no way anyone could get anything. So I had a moment of feeling free.” His member certainly looked free.

Barlow then asked about gender equality, “Had it been a woman exposed by the press there would have been outrage. Is it a case of double standards?”

“I didn’t take it that deep, darlin,” Bloom said. “What can I tell you? Note to self:’you’re never free. Ha!’” We’re glad he took it on the chin. As the rest of the world certainly didn’t have a problem looking! If you were on another planet at the time, you can see what all the fuss is about, here.

[H/t: Instinct, Attitude]