We’ve heard some far-fetched shit in our time, but Brent from Denver claims that he went from strictly top to a bottomless bucket after receiving hypnosis. He’s in an open-relationship, and that’s in-part due to the fact that he didn’t like bottoming.

Brent starts his story, claiming “Pretty much my whole adult life, I have identified myself as a top – an exclusive top. Sure, I did oral on dudes and let them reciprocate but when it came to anything going in up my rear end, it wasn’t happening.” Ok sure thing, somebody get this bitch a 1.5.

Around two years ago, his boyfriend Heath attempted to get Brent to bottom, “like he was on a mission”.

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“We had tried in the past many times and but it never worked. He’d get the tip a little inside of me but that is as far as it would go. The pain just became too much.” OK, so let’s clarify, you’re not that strictly top – you’re just a pussy that couldn’t deal with the pain? Where’s that shot?

His inability to bottom had been going on since his college, and Brent had even spoke to professionals about it, who suggested that 75% of his problem was psychological. Later that year, a steroid junkie who he fucked at the gym told him about ‘erotic hypnosis’. Girl, I’d have cancelled my membership. At the muscle mary’s house, he layed down on a recliner – and pointed his toes to Jesus. J/k. He was just hypnotised.

“The whole thing lasted about an hour or so. I don’t’ exactly remember. What I do remember is that when I came out of hypnosis, I was super alert and very calm.” He continues to tell Gay Pop Buzz.

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Over the next few days, Brent began to feel “more and more” like a bottom, until by the drop of a shot hat, he was gobbling that dick like a hungy hippo. In fact, his own description goes: “after about 5 minutes, I swallowed him up inside of me like Jonah the Whale. I’m not talking about his tip either. All of it, right down to his pelvic bone.”

But this developed into the uncontrollable urge to always be the passive partner in their relationship, and “it got to the point that he started calling me a “selfish bottom” because that’s all I really wanted from him”, he explains. Brent now fears for the future of his relationship, as he ponders, “The only thing I am concerned about now is being able to top for other guys again. I’m feeling like all I want to do is bottom. In fact, I can’t seem to get enough.”

EEEK! Better get back to Mystic Meg and have her wave some animal sphincters  around a crystal ball.

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