Lol. I’m already laughing and I’ve barely even started typing yet. Will Corea – who’s Bryan Hawn‘s lesser known, but marginally more talented (hey, at least he can twerk) sister has come under fire for charging viewers $70 to watch his 4-minute naked twerk-out. I mean… Why not? It’s not like we’ve got an unlimited database of free porn at our fingertips. Oh, wait… But it’s not like we can just walk into a bar in West Hollywood and watch a guy twerk for free, or even a couple dollars. Oh wait… Or that we have male strip shows that sells tickets for half the price, and they show twice as much. Oh, wait… 

Yes, sorry – not sorry – but if you pay $70 to watch a 4-minute PG video of a go-go dancer, you’re 2 brain cells short of a vegetable.

Bryan Hawn, known for his amazing lip-synching (lol), also charges up to $100 for sophisticated shit like “How to take your pants off and still be sexy”, but wouldn’t it be helpful if the person teaching you, actually knew? Let’s be clear, when you buy these videos, all you see is ass. You’re paying $100 to see someone’s butt. That’s some expensive basic prostitution. Especially when it’s also available on his other videos for free.

It was shameless before, but this is next level. Could you imagine Kim Kardashian charging $70 to see her ass? It’s like nana always used to say, ‘it’s better to be a slut, than a whore’. Don’t get me wrong, Bryan Hawn has a great butt, and I’m sure Will Corea does too, but if I’m paying $70 upwards, that ass better be cased in gold and delivered to my yard.

But hey, each to their own, and if these boys can make $100 from flashing their butts to dumb-as-shit Americans – well, then that just proves why Trump is sitting in the Whitehouse.

[H/t: Gay Pop Buzz]