For a lot of us the motivation to get down the gym can be seriously lacking, but that’s what Instagram put fitness models on this planet for: to inspire. And who is more inspirational to go and work your butt off for that dream body than somebody who paid for theirs? Rodrigo Alves, known to some as the Human Ken Doll, has revealed that his next goal is exactly that.

But, hold on, isn’t being a fitness model when you’re half-plastic like asking for a veggie burger that’s half beef? It would be like asking the Kardashians to host a seminar about natural beauty, or asking Caitlyn Jenner what it’s like to have periods.

Alves is on a self-imposed liquid-diet, (what a fabulous and healthy start to his new lifestyle choice) in a bid to become a fitness model. Maybe you should’ve read up on fitness, before you try to rob people blind for their money buying your E-Book or something. Let alone promote unhealthy eating habits. Don’t tell me you’re gonna flaunt six sacks of silicone and then tell people all they’ve got to do is starve.

Alves tells the Mail Online: ‘I’ve already had so many procedures and want to avoid having more, to become a fitness model. I want to lose as much weight as I can and I’m living off air and liquid at the moment.’ No girl, what you’re living off is delusion. Although, saying that, Alves is somewhat aware that he’s peddling out a lie:

“People say to me that I look so fit, but darling, my abs are fake. I have £22k silicone implants. My arms are fake and full of filler. I’m not fit at all. I can’t even run a mile. I am out of breath and shaking and about to faint at any moment. But I am trying.”

And listen, you can’t knock anyone for trying – but if you’re serious about a dream, it’d probably be wise to research it. Add to that, it’s not fair to sell a certain image unless it’s real; so until the implants are taken out, this dream can’t be taken seriously. It’s the same reason, we may find Nicki’s ass aesthetically pleasing, but we don’t respect that ass the same way we do to one that’s spent hours every week in the gym.

Rodrigo has been training with Danni Levy, a reality chick from Life on Marbs (?).

Alves recently came under fire from for his weight gain, confessing “I’ve put on two stone.” Listen honey, we’ve been down that road – and ship anyone that wants to work hard and lose weight. And being bullied for your weight is a horrible thing to go through – but if you wanna make a change, ya gotta cut these bullshit shortcuts.

He also said that he “wants to move on from surgery” – but will he be able to nip and tuck it out of his life for good?