Girl, you know we love a golden watch, but to some people a golden shower is more appealing. Since, allegations that Donald Trump has engaged in watersports with his co-workers, it seems he’s either set a trend or given a LOT of closet piss lovers the courage the jump in (at the deep end). Although, to be fair, we’re just pissing ourselves at the irony of Donald Trump enjoying getting peed on, while he takes a shit all over America.

There have in fact been 102% increase in PornHub‘s searches for ‘golden showers’, as well as 71% increase for terms like ‘watersports’ and pissing. They also found that the younger the audience, the least interest they had in shaking their lettuce over their lover.

And in case you were wondering which state is the yellowest:

And finally, by country. Look at the UK, we’re not even on there – we’re such vanilla bitches man.