Vivica A. Fox is opening a male strip club in Vegas, and causing a bit of a stir in the process. Vivica’s Black Magic, which will see a stage of hunky and buff dancers chanelling Magic Mike tear their clothes off for thirsty fans will be filmed for a reality show on Lifetime, but Fox has angered some of the gay community by saying that they will not be allowed in the audience.

In an interview with The Breakfast Club she was asked if gay men would be welcomed, to which she replied: “Aw, hell no. Back all that up. No! No.” When pressed further, she stated: “Because there’s no need to. They dance for women. It’s called the ’ultimate girls night out’ for a reason.”

And the gays are up in arms. But, why though? We all know there’s venues on the gay scene that don’t allow women in, so how is this any different? Y’all know you’d be throwing a hissy fit if the dark room smelt of fish. Gender-specific venues or nights aren’t necessarily sexist or homophobic (or heterophobic, for that matter), it just means that the creator wants a certain vibe for that club, which naturally changes when you allow a mixture of men and women (gay or straight) in the same space.

One commentor on New Now Next puts: “The sentiment isn’t wrong, she’s allowed to say it is a male strip club for women. The problem is how she said it. She was aggressively against the idea. And her 50 Cent comments show that she has a history of making ignorant comments about gay people, which is why this whole situation is problematic.”

Hmm… What do you think: homophobe or harmless?