Following a new survey, health drink company ProWater has revealed what the perfect man and female look like. The survey, which asked 1,200 participants to name celebrities with the body parts/looks they admire, (in 14 categories for women, and 13 for men). So who do men wanna look like the most?

Who’s parts are they?! Well, here’s the full list of features:

Eyes: Chris Pine – 44% (Runner up: Jake Gyllenhaal – 31%)
Nose: Chris Pratt – 29% (Runner up: Ben Affleck – 21%)
Lips: Tom Hardy – 68% (Runner up: Idris Elba – 54%)
Beard: Jason Momoa – 37% (Runner up: Bradley Cooper – 22%)
Teeth: George Clooney – 55% (Runner up: Will Smith – 32%)
Jawline: Zac Efron – 26% (Runner up: Henry Cavill – 18%)
Hair: David Beckham – 38% (Runner up: Kit Harrington – 27%)
Arms: Chris Hemsworth – 22% (Runner up: Hugh Jackman – 16%)
Abs: Joe Manganiello – 47% (Runner up: David Gandy – 41%)
Chest: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – 63% (Runner up: Zac Efron – 27%)
Bottom: Aidan Turner – 49% (Runner up:  Michael Fassbender – 37%)
Legs: Gareth Bale – 36% (Runner up: Sir Chris Hoy – 27%)
Personality: Ryan Reynolds – 28% (Runner up: Chris Pratt – 17%)

Some interesting results, although we can’t say that we’re onboard with this man’s fashion… If someone had asked us what part of Zac Efron we want, we’d have said the dick. Oh, that’s not how it works? Ok. Also worth noting is that there’s no comment regarding the participant’s sexuality, and so a lot of these desires come from straight men.

But would you wanna look like him?!


Richard Baister, COO of ProWater expressed: “Attitudes are constantly changing when it comes to the ‘perfect’ body. It’s great to see athletes as well as celebrities in the lists – showing people are keen to be strong and not just skinny”. ProWater has 20g of protein and is only 90 calories. With stats like those, who needs actual water?