We feel like he should be turned into a cartoon. A cement mixer that works day-in day-out on a dreary building site, always told by the other butch construction machinery that he couldn’t amount to nuttin. That little boy trucks don’t do “that glittery stuff”, and then one day after all the other machinery returns to the site after a day of working around the city, and Simon the Cement Mixer is jamming out to Anita Ward.

He could totally be a representative for all the boys pushed into a male-orientated career by their fathers, and then sneaks out to the disco every second Tuesday of the month. Or did we smoke too much, and get way too into this?

One user wrote: “I just feel really happy for the cement mixer” US TOO, CHICA!

The concept, comes from artist Benedetto Buffalino, and the installation was parked in Lyon, France for 3 days, where spectators jammed out to the sparkling lights.