James Corden continues his dream rush-hour ride with music’s legendary Madonna. Although, not everyone was happy to see the Queen of Pop twerking, voguing and spilling the tea on her kiss with Jacko. Earlier this week, Piers Morgan ‘threw-up’ into a bucket after watching the segment’s teaser. Ouch. Maybe for a guy that’s criticising a woman for not acting his age, he should stop bitching like a little girl. Still though, low-key love Piers for stirring the pot.

The car journey races through some of Madonna’s biggest hits, including Vogue, Papa Don’t Preach, and more recently Bitch, I’m Madonna. As well as a few duds, Express Yourself, Don’t Cry For My Argentina and Music. Am sure lots of you will disagree with us there, but for a 10 minute sketch with an endless list of songs to chose from – they should not have made the cut. Where was Material Girl, huh?!

Still, listen to how Madge plied Jacko with wine and then seduce him. Just like what he did to Macaulay Culkin.