If you’re reading from the UK, there’s a very possible chance you’re looking as puzzled as that woman when he mentions Emma Stone. Who? Billy Eichner is an American comedian and TV personality that does Funny or Die’s ‘Billy on the Street’ segment. Where he seems to roam the streets – often with a celebrity in tow – and face-fucks padestrians with his microphone while shouting random shit at them. Entertainment? APPARENTLY!

Well, this time she unravelled a whole heap of sass when he approached this lady below to talk about the hype of movie ‘La La Land’. (Sidebar: producers need to work on their “hype”, ’cause we haven’t heard of it either! Bloop). 

Not Excited about La La Land

Had a nice chat with this young lady about LA LA LAND

Posted by Billy Eichner on Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016