Ah, college. The good old days of drunken hazing, sexual confusion and peeping Toms. The incident – which now has pupils on High Alert (You’re on Camera, SMILE) – occured at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore when a student was scrubbing himself down and looked up to see an iPhone poking over the shower stall. Y’all best believe that phone would be taking a shower too, after we gave them the show of their lives, obvs.

At 1am, after noticing the smartphone leering at him like Gorillas in the Mist, *George scurried from his stall to find the Peeping Tom locked in his stall. After getting the hall manager Paul, and rallying up a squad, they used fear tactics (banging and shouting) to scare the perv out of his cubicle. Where they confiscated his phone, and found over 70 videos of male students bathing. The 24 year-old was arrested by police for “possession of obscene material” – unfortunately they’ll be no cameras to film his action in the prison showers. Don’t drop the soap, girl.

George says he’s now terrified to shower, and can’t do so without looking over his shoulder. Another student says he’s concerned as “it’s the second time this has happened here”. Paul has issued this warning:

“We strongly advise all residents in every hall, no matter their gender, to be careful when they shower or use the washroom. No one is safe, so bathe quickly and be observant of the openings in the toilet cubicles. Voyeurism, is not tolerated in my hall.” Oooh, it’s like an installment of Scream.

[H/T: Queerty]