Coming out at work? Urgh, so bland. Don’t “come out”, just come in on a unicorn-drawn carriage. Don’t forget your tiara and pearls, princess! For this week only, Londoners can ditch public transport and travel to work like they’re Cinderella – only infitintely better. Two white horses have been given rainbow manes and colourful horns with two drivers.


The ‘unicabs’ were brought to the city by Three and ZTE to promote the new ZTE Blade V7 – but also to cheer London up as SAD swipes through the city. Cute! You can book a unicab by tweeting @ThreeUK – and it’s absolutely FREE! Today is the last day, but they’re servicing Canary Wharf if you’re looking for a magical end to the working week!


[H/T: GSN]