Craig David is Walking Away from persistent rumours about his sexuality, and he’s doing it with dignity. The singer spoke to KIIS FM’s Thinkergirls, who asked the 35 year-old singer about people quizzing him on his sexuality.

“Sometimes people can get very aggressive with their response when they’re heterosexual, I find that quite strange,” he said. Us too. “Ok, so someone thought you were gay, someone thought you were straight, either or, all good in the hood.” he adds.

Speaking with the Pink News, David RE-E-WINDS back to his initial hey day, saying that accusations could stem from the fact that he never bedded any of his groupies. “All these women in the audience were interested in me, but I was having none of it. ‘Why? Well, you know, I was 17, still relatively inexperienced, sexually speaking, and these women were – what 24, 25. They terrified me.”

In an interview with Advocate in 2008, David was asked about his man-crushes, telling them: “It’d have to be Brad Pitt, David Beckham — hot!’ he was quoted as saying […] You can’t deny it; every guy in the world thinks they’re hot. So if I was gay, I’d be on exactly the same tip.”

Surely, people don’t think that interview has any reflection on his sexuality. He was clearly just getting involved with the gay audience. How much of a minge would you have to be to turn around and not answer because you’re straight. *Eye roll*.

SEE Craig David, we love you even more. Come through with your comeback.