Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte may not be a firm favourite with the public anymore after lying about being a victim of a robbery. If you missed the feeble web of lies, in a nutshell: Lochte and his friends were at a petrol station, where one of them vandalised the public bathroom (first class all the way). When security guards requested them for money to pay for the damage, they refused and got dragged from their taxi by police. To cover up their immaturity, they decided to be further immature and lie about the entire incident claiming that they were robbed by two men masquerading as police.


Cool story, bro. Shame it’s that’s exactly what it was: a story. The committ condemned their actions as : “not acceptable” because he’s not 15, and ‘immaturity’ is no excuse for any fully-grown man. Anyway, now Playgirl want to get the Olympian out of his speedos. Well it only make sense that he threw his pants off, as they appear to have been on fire, after all.

So, would you pick up Playgirl to see Ryan Lochte’s goods? Or have his actions damaged your opinion of him too much?

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[H/T: Instinct]