We’re all about moving forward and evolving, but apparently there’s a growing number of gay men who are getting off on the traditional sexual pleasure of cuckolding. And we thought the only time a queen looked back was when you yanked their hair during doggy-style. Are the gays gonna bring back the passé concept of cuckolding, give it a sprinkle of glitter, and trend it? Doubted.

For those of you that haven’t heard of a cuckold, it was the term used back in the day to describe a man with an adulterous wife. So, for example, if Robert Pattison had married Kristen Stewart, he would be a cuckold. But in terms of a fetish, the guy knows that his partner is handing out free tasters outside the local supermarket, but gets pleasure from being humiliated. Well, according to Dr. Joe Kort, now the gays are getting into it – thirty-odd years later…

Well, it’s none of the gays we know – and we thought we knew everyone. Kort writes, “cuckolding in the gay male community has not been much acknowledged nor even existed.” ERM, that’s because gay people love to be the centre of attention? He continues, “Gay cuckolding is different than having a three-way. In a three-way everyone is equal, whereas in cuckolding one is intentionally left out and taunted or humiliated for everyone’s arousal in the fantasy.”

Sorry babe, but getting left out of a three-way sounds like personal hell on it’s own, let alone with the two cheating cunts pointing and laughing at me. So how widespread is it? Could YOU be cuckold-ed in your next menage-a-trois without even realising? Well, apparently it’s ‘popping up’ all over blogs, Tumblr and Reddit. But don’t worry, the sex officials are conducting a survey so that we can find out more… Just hang in there.

Until then, Kort issues a warning if you’re toying with the idea, “Despite cuckolding’s popularity in Internet searches, sometimes things are left better as a fantasy.” You know what they say, it’s all fun and cuckolds until he leaves you for a 9-inch Hispanic go-go dancer. We have enough trouble holding our relationships together, without throwing in Tom, Dick and José to the mix. We think we’ll just stick with monogamy, thanks – call us old-fashioned… Or would that be the cuckolders?

Now we’re confused. Are you sure you don’t mean cock holding? ‘Cause we’re definitely into that.

[H/T: Queerty]