Olympic liar swimmer Ryan Lochte was caught red-faced on the latest episode of Dancing With The Stars when he was ambushed by two audience members. Well, the casting directors clearly pulled him in for ratings – although we doubt it was this kind of attention they wanted. Lochte was being given his feedback by one of the judges, who was part-way through her “second chances” speech, and that all Lochte was being judged on were his ballroom skills, when some unimpressed hecklers stormed the stage.

The footage that was shown, was a split-screen of Carrie Ann Inaba and Ryan’s performance – but US Magazine is now showing the unseen video of the two men who tried to front it.

Lochte later said that the “attack” felt like somebody had reached into his pocket and stole his wallet chest and ripped out his heart. Dramatic, much. We’ve included the original footage too, because Lochte’s post-ambush expression is totes priceless.

[iframe id=”http://video.usmagazine.com/players/EKZJF9yw-qInh6Xrr.html”]