Kevin Spacey was nominated for his role in House of Cards at this week’s Emmys, and we expect audiences were cheering him on for the win. Spacey, who’s been playing the role of a straight man for years, seemed to have given up on that recently, when he spotted with his “manager” Evan – from 90s duo Evan and Jaron. Random, much? It’s like the old saying goes, who needs the gong when you have the dong?

The 42 year-old singer turned “manager” looks great for his age, despite robbing Pharrell’s hat-stand. Talking of hideous headwear, the pair were seen sporting matching fedoras on a trip to Milan last month. Although strictly ‘business’ we’re sure… Quick Q: How does Evan, from Evan and Jaron – the barely one-hit wonders – become manager to an award-winning international actor?


When the camera panned to the couple, we can’t help but wonder if the cheers were for his character in House of Cards, or because they were happy to (finally) welcome Kev out of the closet… In a fedora, no less.

And here they are at a basketball game or something (wearing hats – surprised?). Lowenstein is throwing a strop because his Sugar Daddy won’t buy him a big foam finger.


“No Evan, you can wait until we get home and have my fingers instead”.