A lot of shit went down this weekend at V Festival… Primarily Eastenders and cockney actor Danny Dyer getting jumped by former-TOWIE star and Essex lad Mark Wright‘s mates. It’s reported that Danny Dyer was beaten up in front of his daughter, who later tweeted: “five on one is never fair.”

Nobody is 100 on what actually went down (apart from Dyer), but he says: “They all just came at me and jumped me. There was a lot of them. And it was in front of my kid. That’s not right.” And he’s completely right – how weak are you that you need a gang to take someone on… #NoBackbone

BUT, later that day — Danny Dyer shared a smooch with Mark’s arch enemy Kirk Norcross. We’ve met Danny D and Kirk Norcross and they’re both lovely guys, so though we’ve never met Mark – we’re totally on Team Danny with this one!

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