What with all this debate about what is appropriate behaviour for a Pride celebration, some people might argue that those who want to let their hair down, should take a trip to Japan’s penis festival; Kanamara Matsuri. Which as this viral from Uni Lad states, translates to ‘festival of the steel phallus’.

Even the merchandise is cock-shaped, that means candles, candy and even hair scrunchies (dead)… Why hasn’t someone pitched this to Miss. Wintour yet? We’re sure they’d totes catch on. During the festival, giant dicks are carried to a temple… Not sure why. And it all derives from this legend of some chick that had a haunted punani.


Funds raised get donated to HIV — sounds like an appropriate cause for the festivals theme. We’d suggest Trump take a visit, but he’d end up being worshipped.



A foreign man naked apart from a Batman mask and loincloth with attached phallus poses during the Kanamara matsuri or festival of the iron phallus in Kawasaki Daishi near Tokyo, Japan. Sunday April 1st 2012

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