There’s been rumours thrown back and forth for years regarding a Spice Girls reunion, and usually all being dismissed shortly-after often due to one or members reluctancy to get involved. Well, it seems like the ones who are down for a trip down memory lane aren’t waiting any longer.

Word on the street is that Mel B, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner (Halliwell) are teaming up as a trio and making a comeback. We’ve even heard that they’ve recorded an original single. Absolutely gagged to hear this. They may not be missing much vocally without Victoria, but will it be good enough without Mel C – undoubtedly the best singer in the former line-up? Will nostalgia and a catch tune carry them through?!

They’ve uploaded a viral to YouTube where they big up their fans. The name it was uploaded under is GEM (Geri, Emma, Mel B). Soooo original using the band members names as an acronym for the group as a whole. It doesn’t say a whole lot, but it basically translates into – “please still buy our music without the other two”. Still though, do love them.

What do you think?

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