Man who claim's to be Omar Mateen's lover discusses their intimate relationship in an interview with Univision. Said Manteen committed the mass killings as an act of revenge rather than terrorism.

Miguel – the man claiming to have dated murderer Omar Mateen – says that he believes his horrific attack on the gay community of Orlando was not due to terrorism, but rather revenge after discovering a man that he had a threesome with, was HIV+.

In an interview with Univision, Miguel (who’s face was covered with a prosthetic mask and voice altered) reported that Omar “was always there and he was there because he liked Latinos and he was attracted to dark skin. But sadly, from what he told me, he felt used.”

“He felt anger, a lot of anger towards Puerto Ricans.”

It’s said that Mateen took a HIV test, which came up negative, but that he believed not enough time had passed for the results to be accurate, but he still wanted to “make them pay” and Pulse was where he directed his anger. Though it’s unknown if this is where he met the couple he had the threesome with.

He also claims that Mateen’s wife knew he was gay. Well, if the reports of him visiting the Ambassador’s Hotel for secret gay trysts are true – then she musta cottoned on to something – 20 times is a lot to go out for groceries and come home with hickeys.


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