One gay guy missed out on a nooner, cause he was rushed to the ground by NYPD. Daniel Provencio was cycling to go have casual sex when he crossed into Obama’s motorcade and was taken down for trespassing. Dang! And you know the hook-up doesn’t believe you when you say “I was rugby tackled by Obama’s bodyguards in the middle of his motocade and interrogated for hours”. I mean, it’s the oldest excuse in the book.

But secondly, who cycles to a hook-up? You’d have to be topping that’s for sure, otherwise the journey back might be a bit of a bitch. The 59 year-old – who was apparently listening to Call Me Maybe at the time – was more concerned about his missed rendevous than broken bones.

Provencio went on to tell TMZ “Manhattan men are big on punctuality”. And security, it seems.

The Daily News says: A cop grabbed Provencio and knocked him off the bike onto the ground, then fell to the ground himself. A helmeted cop roughly grabbed Provencio’s arm and twisted it behind his back. Cops rolled Provencio over until he was face down, stuck a knee in his back and cuffed him as a Secret Service agent walked over to observe. Obama’s motorcade rolled past during the arrest. Provencio did not appear to be resisting during the encounter. He was issued a summons for disorderly conduct, police said.

We’re glad he wasn’t hurt, cause this footage is a LOL.

[H/T: Joe My God]