We’ve said it from day dot, but it seems that Nick Jonas’ appearance at the Orlando Vigil took his gay-baiting a step too far. Jonas has already attending more gay events than us and all of our gay friends put together; but then again, we’re not raking in the pink pound from it. And while it’s been a well-speculated topic for some time, columnists and Twittersphere opened fire on him for turning up to the vigil for victims of the tragic Orlando shooting.

Jonas probably thought this was the ideal opportunity to show his ‘support’ for his wage packet gay fans. Many were quick to point out, that the “ally” is so supportive that his newsfeed is only full of album promo – which not-so incidentally dropped three days ago.

One user writes: “the lack of out & proud gay celebs that led Nick Jonas to speak at stonewall is a symptom ofthe same illness that produced a closeted gunman”.

Some words of advice child: you do not wanna piss off the gays. Taking a seat once in a while might actually lead you to have sold more albums.

[H/T: Queerty]