Dear Stacey Dash,

Well done. Perhaps this isn’t what a lot of people expected me to say, but I must applaud you. I’m absolutely stumped how somebody so ignorant, rude and just plain clueless has got as far in life as you have; while intelligent and kind people struggle every day just because they weren’t born with your privilege. Regarding your recent comments about transgender people being able to use their choice of bathroom as “tyranny by minority”, I can’t help but question if you feel the same way about women’s fight for equality, and black empowerment; because they too were minorities speaking up for their beliefs.

You are not transgender, so you do not know how they feel. The same way a white person can never truly understand the difficulties many face growing up as a different ethnicity. One quality we can possess within ourselves to make the world a better place, is empathy – something you clearly left at the shopping mall with your credibility and career. When we can put ourselves in another’s shoes – even just for a moment – that transphobic tunnel-vision will start to disappear. You were not born in to the wrong body, and can probably never imagine what it feels like to be in the wrong skin every day, although let me put it in terms you may understand; “imagine, like, totally waking up in a fugly outfit, and you can’t get out of it, and you have to go to all of these, like, places, that your outfit is out of place for, so you’ll be at a BBQ in a poncho and clogs, and you just can’t ever change, like, ever.” Better?

With regards to this infringing upon your rights, you may have overlooked the fact that Myra Hindley was not male, nor was she transgender, so she would be in the same bathroom as you, and would snatch your daughter in a heartbeat. And yet, your rights are so important to you, that you can’t see that transgender people are just other human beings fighting for their rights too. How about we force you to use the men’s bathroom for a year? And then tell you that that’s where you have to go because society says you’re a man, despite who you really are inside. Or better yet, why don’t you piss in the fucking bushes? That is what a dog would naturally do after all.

Love is the answer, you poor deluded bitch. Encompassing everyone, and loving everyone, no matter their differences makes the world a better place. The same way it did when black people and white people starting eating in the same areas of restaurants, the same way it did when the US legalised gay marriage, and the same way it will when the transgender bathroom bill passes. Deal with it, or live it hate. Either way, get on board, or get off the mic. At the very least, get some relevance.