A new docs-web-series from creative collective OUR CLTR, delves into how religion and its traditional views affect the lives of key figures from the trans community. ‘Worship Trans’ speaks with Dani Gibbison, Munroe Bergdorf, Mzz Kimberly, Elisa Mastrangeli, Leng Montgomery, and Fox Fisher, asking them what their understanding of religion is. 

“Religion has always played a part in both building and destroying communities throughout history. As society evolves and our acceptance for diverse lifestyles is no longer based on the black and white teaching of a religious script, ‘Worship Trans’ brings two unlikely bedfellows together in the form of the transgender community’s opinion on orthodox religion and what part it plays, if any, in their lives.” 

Religion has always been a fiery topic, so it will be interesting to see the relationship between traditional religion and those who seem so evolved from it’s old-fashioned ideals. 

The series will also be accompanied by a print Zine, which will feature comments, photos and illustrations. The Zine is being funded by a Kick Starter, which you can donate to from HERE.