We all have our childhood obsessions. Mine was Buffy, I used to be high-kicking around my living room with a pencil in my hand pretending to stake non-existent vampires. Most of us grow out of that phase, but Herbert Chavez is still chasing his dream to look like his idol Superman. Doctors have now told the 37 year-old to slow down on his surgeries after putting his life in danger – refusing to perform his latest request for a procedure on his abs.

Chavez has spent over 300,000 pesos in the Philippines (his native country) and now seeks the superhero’s ripped physique. So much so, that he injected himself with illegal ab fillers which turned out to be poisonous. As a result of the filler MesoLipo, Chavez’s body was covered with bumps and spots. Obviously, doctors told him to fly down to his local gym and actually put in some work.

Chavez has said that he’ll get more surgeries in the future as long as doctors will perform them. And that everything positive in his life is because of Superman. Erm, except for that lumpy, bumpy stomach that almost killed you, right? And we thought contouring in a bum-chin was extreme…