TV presenter Graham Norton was recently asked his thoughts on being camp in an interview with Wing magazine. In his response, he says that he finds other gay men who judge effeminate gay men, “heartbreaking”.

There is a weird self-loathing in the gay community, but I think things are changing. As gays and straights mix together more and the world becomes much more homogenised, we’re going to become less defined by our sexuality. Will camp still be a thing? I don’t know. I was just an effeminate little boy who turned into an effeminate man. And I think you still see little boys now and think, ‘Aw, he’s so going to be gay!’ And that’s something that just seems to appear in nature, it just seems to happen. I think it’s weird that there is a section of the gay community that then judges those little boys. All that kind of stuff is just heartbreaking.”

Do you agree? And how does this comment compare with Russell Tovey’s opinions earlier this year?

[H/T: Queerty]