Thought those selfi-obsessed-selfie-taking-charity-donating campaigns were over? Think again! Long gone were the Ic Bucket Challenge, cock in a sock, and shower snaps that encouraged the public to donate money, while feeding their ego — and probably not donating money –, (not, that we’re knocking any attempt to raise money for a good cause), but now comes #ShowUsYourTackle. Which to be fair, is more along the lines of the #FlyThatCock and Critique My Dick trends. Still though, like we said, half-naked lads raising money and awareness for Brainstrust ain’t a bad thing, and for every photo with the hashtag, Jack Wills will donate a quid to the charity (and that doesn’t mean you can’t donate too…)

Snap yourself in your boxers and you can also leave you in with a chance of winning a £5,000 bar tab to celebrate the World Cup Final. (Because liver cancer is so much more curable than brain). But yes, drunk straight guys in their underwear is exactly what we want. Maybe Santa (or God) is masquerading ad Jack Wills this year. Cheers to that! OGLE, OGLE boys and get snappin’!



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