The first official look into the new season of AHS: Hotel has arrived (among COUNTLESS teasers), and it really does look like Ryan Murphy has constructed an entire universe within the creepy Hotel Cortez. And as the sexy Cheyenne Jackson claims “you never know who’s on the other side of the door”, we has a new lease of intrigue – not only for the stellar cast Murphy has lined up this series (possibly one of his most excitable yet) — but for the new characters – and their stories – that will be checking in each week; ie, Naomi Campbell! Hopefully the series was set before the invention of the mobile phone (watch y’all heads, if not), We’re expecting a cauldron of sex, drugs and murder; so basically a load of hot mess adults acting like teens. A-maz-ing.

And while initially we were concerned that Ryan was going deliver another style-over-substance season (“hi, Coven”), Paula Robertson ensures us it’s going to be “bloody”… Check out the set, costumes, cast and quotes below…