Lady Gaga’s been a busy bish lately, between shooting hypnotic scenes as the countess for AHS: Hotel, she’s also dropped a theme for documentary Hunting Ground, that focuses on college campus rape. Gaga says, “Diane Warren and I made ‘Til It Happens To You’ for people all over the world who suffer from painful life experiences. We hope you feel our love and solidarity through the song and perhaps find some peace in knowing you are not alone through this film.”

The video explores a number of raw and disturbing narrative strands that focus of a number of college girls being sexually assaulted/abused. In all honesty, the song ain’t really doing it for me, it’s a bit too operatic, and I was kinda hoping Gaga would just let that shit lie. Obviously not. But the video is beautifully shot, and holds an emotional message. It’s great that she’s appealed to the college generation as in hindsight, as that is when things are toughest, and sent ultimately a positive message (though it seems all gloom at first), and is raising awareness for something like this. Well done.