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Everybody who has a best friend (of the same sexuality), has usually been in the situation where they’ve found themselves lusting after the same tall glass of water. It’s only natural science, but if he starts flirting with both of you, you can find yourself at kind of an impasse. So what’s the best course of action to take? Dual it out, shamelessly throwing yourself at him and let him decide which one of you he’s going to take home, have sex with and never call again? Or respect each other’s wishes for neither of you to gleefully spread ’em. Of course, there’s always the third option of one person bowing out gracefully… But that will usually only occur if you’re really close and know that the other likes him more, or potentially has a better chance at something more meaningful.

First, what you both have to ask yourselves is how deep your attraction is to the slab of meat in question. Is it just going to be one night of passionate sex? Or do you desire to know more about him than how big his junk is? Is there a connection? It’s often wise to weigh up who likes the guy more, and let them have him. But if it’s something that’s not as easily decided as that, good friends should both back out. If you ain’t that close, then you’re probably gonna need to put your game face on (and some emotional body armour), and be prepared to take a bitch out.

The chances are, you both kinda know deep down who’s going to get the guy if you fight over him like sexually-charged school girls (HINT: It’ll be the sluttier one). One of you is going to lose (although, in the bigger scheme of things, have either of you really won?), and feel like a sack of shit, while the other will be temporarily satisfied that they’ve succeeded in gaining a boy’s affection, who realistically is weak af anyway. The question is: are either of you actually going to feel better about getting a guy, when the outcome is that your friend feels worse?

They say that “all’s fair in love and war”, and perhaps that’s true when there isn’t a friendship on the line. So what it comes down to, is if this one night stand is actually worth your friendship, because there’s a possibility that that’s what it will cost you. Perhaps not initially, but those kind of games between two people who are supposed to have each other’s back, fracture relationships. One of you tends to become the more predatory one, while the other doesn’t have as much confidence. And after time, a pattern begins to emerge. And the less forward of the two begins to harbour a subconscious resentment against the other; and not for being a hoe either, but because they feel disrespected.

So how desperately do you need that little bit of attention? And do you actually give a fuck if it’s at someone else’s expense? There’s time when you need to grab life (and the man in question) by the balls, and take the opportunity. But when that boy breaks your heart, you might have to look elsewhere for a bit of sister/brotherhood.