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We’ve all been through it. You wake up like, where the fuck am I? Head pounding. Almost as hard as you were a few hours before. Yes, it’s a one night stand and then it rapidly comes to your attention that you need to get the hell up and leave. But if you’re on the other side of the city or spent all your wages, sometimes you can’t just hop in a taxi. ENTER: The walk of shame. But Amber Rose turns the concept on it’s head, questioning whether we (or more specifically, women) should actually be ashamed of having a one night stand? Listen girl, if you’re looking as fleek as that bitch after a night of Tequila and drunken sex, then you ain’t gotta worry ’bout a thing… Apart from perhaps, an STI. Wear condoms girls!

Created by Funny Or Die… Ironically, exactly how we feel waiting for a bus in our slashed vest and denim cut-offs from the previous night’s rave.

Walk Of No Shame with Amber Rose from Funny Or Die