When she first posted this snap on Facebook, we thought Jennifer Aniston was serving major high-fashion realness, but she was just showing her fans a glimpse of her potential wedding gown! And we must say, we approve! Gorgeous backless number white sophisticated lace detailing – dreamy! We’ve always had a little soft spot for Jen, she was our TV for 10 years, and done a few pleasant-enough-to-watch-if-there’s-nothing-else-on movies and comes across really quite sweet. But really it’s because it’s nice to see someone have a happy ending after endless dud relationships. It’s reaffirming. Relatable. Real.

Anyway, just goes to show, all those years of being unlucky in love have be worth the wait. We’d much rather have one perfect wedding than four to losers we’ve ended up divorcing. Oh hey, J.LO.

And that ponytail is sickening. We’d love her to do a similar style on the Big Day!