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We’re always on the look out for the hottest, sexiest, flyest and funniest Tumblr’s, Vines, etc. (So if you’d like us to check out yours, email us). We’re currently loving this wet and wild Tumblr: Water-Polo Hunks. Sometimes simplicity just wins. Queue sexy stremlined guys in soaking speedos. And they ain’t the only ones who’re wet, honey-child. There’s bubble butts and bulges squashed into minimal material galore. I mean, it’s the only reason people watch the sport, right? Actually, we think we’ve just found our new hobby. It’s just middle-class and homoerotic enough.



We’ll take the one in the blue


Real sportsmen do more than just shake on it


We want the view of that guy in the pool


If our school photos look like this, we wouldn’t have bunked off all the time


We can almost forgive that cap… Almost. 


Same sitch