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She’s Ru Paul’s fishiest drag queen, and now Australian export Courtney Act is cranking up the heat for her new music video Body Parts. What’s the message Courtney?

“[The song is] about gender and sex. It’s about with straight-identifying men when your body parts don’t match those of a biological female.” So obviously something the masses can identify with. The catchy track was written with Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and Sam Sparro. The song reminds us of an old school number that Kylie would lay down; and not just because they’re petite Australian girls that sing like they’ve got an angel sleeping on their tongue. It’s soft, sensual and intimate. And we love camp pop with an edge. Makes us feel like Britney when she first discovered sex. Or Olivia Newton-John when she first discovered sex.

Slay Courtney, slay… Check out the sultry video below: