You may remember that we posted a while back, that the blog with be moving to Hollywood later this year. And with September just around the corner, to say it’s come around quick is an understatement. So, we’re like totes going out with a bang. If you enjoy our posts on Cocktails & Cocktalk, come down to Café de Paris on Sunday 30th August and party with us! We’ll be in The Boudoir, sprawled on a double bed half-cut and slurring sweet nothings to a guy that isn’t even slightly interested. #Romeo

The event’s gonna be HUGE; it’s Bank Holiday so everyone’s gonna be on ‘extra day to party’ hype. There’s a vogue-off for all of y’all fierce bitches that can death drop like you just seen a hot guy when you’re getting dinner in Sainsbury’s:


We got a catwalk, too. One more reason to look fly AF. We’ll be hosting alongside our fabulous sisters Johanna Londinium and Daniel Lismore, that’s how you know it’s gonna be the party of the summer.

You can email us for guestlist: [email protected]

Or see the full event details: HERE.