Last week, you were introduced to the slag sorority of Ryan Murphy’s new comedy/horror Scream Queens. Now, you get the meet the boys.

Glen Powell plays the womanising Chad, who’s giving it to Emma Roberts. He seems like a complete douche bag, shame he didn’t the character when talking about the role.

Nick Jonas gets tongues wagging as to whether his character will turn out to bat for our team. Like, another gay character? He plays a ‘mo in Kingdom too. He’s really prostituting himself for that Pink Pound. Girl, either needs to fully commit or give it a rest. He plays Chad Radwell’s wannabe, Boone. But is his admiration, more infatuation? Who knows… But it’s a Ryan Murphy production so someone’s gotta be gay.

Eeek… Really not as pretty when he talks, eh? 

Pete is played by Diego Boneta, and we’re hoping he’s not as run-of-the-mill basic as he seems. But we’re sure he won’t be. We’re placing bets that he’s the good guy/sweetheart, until something steps in the way of his grades or career, and then you see the sap twist.

Early Grey is played by Lucien Laviscount and hold on a minute we just fainted. Earl Grey is damn right, ’cause he’s our cup of tea. You can’t ever knock a boy with a beautiful smile and good eyebrows. Mhmm… We definitely saved the best for last. And you hear that British accent amongst all the Americans and it’s so sexy – no wonder they love it when we talk.