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Last night saw the glamorous Caitlyn Jenner (looking very Lana Del Rey) take to the stage of the ESPY awards to accept one for her courage in recent months. Everyone from the Kardashian/Jenner klan was there – frozen faces in suit, of course – apart from Rolly-polly Rob, who decided to skip out because nowhere in LA makes tuxes that size. OK, maybe that’s a little harsh, but so was his reception to Caitlyn’s transformation. And if were our son that showed more devotion to cheesecake than he did to who we really were, we’d be hurt.

Caitlyn dropped a few one-liners to break the ice, before turning to the very serious statistics that the trans community are dealing with. She makes some extremely intelligent points about the power of fame, and using that power for good. It’s needless to say that those motivational speeches from her past, cetainly came in handy last night.

Check out the tearful acceptance, below: