A friend of C&C forwarded us this screenshot of a brief conversation that went down on Grindr. We wouldn’t normally expose people’s profiles but we do make an exception for bigots and racists.


Dear Grindr Racist, 

You are undoubtedly, one of the worst kind of racists. Hiding behind your cracked iPhone screen. I presume your screen is cracked from the constant tapping and scrolling through your hook-up apps looking for dick. It’s quite obvious you’re a slut because you have a boyfriend, but are still trawling the area for more. Is this little piggy not stuffed to the brim yet? 

As somebody that is already part of a minority group, you should know better than to hold any type of prejudice. How would it fair if you went for a job interview and was told, “Sorry, don’t hire faggots”. It would be outrageous. If the interviewer had said, “Sorry, don’t hire cum buckets” on the other hand, he might have a leg to stand on. What makes your appalling abuse worse is that it was totally unprovoked. There are a million and one different responses you could of had (including none at all), and not a single one of them involves a racial slur. What about when you catch Chlamydia from your persistent Grindr orgies, and the nurse at the GUM clinic handing you your antibiotics is black? Are you not in to niggers then too? Or when you need your stomach pumped because all the cum you been guzzling has started to erode the lining, and that black doctor don’t deal with hoes like you? 

Your attitudes – as well as your hairstyle – are extremely dated. I don’t know how you roll in the US, or whatever states accept that language, behaviour and haircut – but I suggest you return. Those attitudes are not welcome here. It was a very bold response from somebody speaking through an app, I can’t help but wonder if you would have said the same to a black person in a bar. Oh no, of course you wouldn’t, you prissy little queen. Although I’m sure many people will happily tell you what a prick you are to your face. 

Quick question boo, what you staring at in the distance? Is it karma heading full speed for your femme little face? Oh, I do hope so. I relish in the fact that this post may reach the same phone screen that you spew your unnecessary hatred from, your mouth agape like it so often is. Yes bitch, you have been publicly shamed. And served like a mother fucka.