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We’ve been a fan of Colin Farrell since since his leaked sex tape, way back in the day. But one of the things that really wins us over about him – as well as his sexy accent – is his support of gay marriage. Farrell, who’s brother is openly gay and in a long-term relationship, made his opinions on the subject known as the marriage referendum in his home country approached.

Now the star talks to E! about the moment the yes vote passed. From this VT, it would suggest that Colin was there at the time – cut to us totes devo’d that we were in the same city and didn’t even get a selfie with him.

While the actor ensures us that rubbing the losing side’s face in our victory does nobody any good he can’t help but laugh at the “dark day” the Catholic’s referred to… You know, that one that saw hundreds of thousands of people in tears of happiness under a double-rainbow over Dublin. Yeah, that one…