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Speculation rises as to whether Rita Ora will hit another number one with her debut single ‘Poison’, say what you want about Bora, she knows how to make a catchy pop song! Although, perhaps not so much a video. This whole ‘casually chilling outside’ while completely over-styled shit just isn’t working for anybody. It gets better. Kinda. She looks beyond gorgeous, and has really committed to this retro glamour look, and we love a music video with a storyline – but this would’ve been so much cooler if she’d have gone darker. Made it a Chris Brown/Rihanna relationship, rather than a Bieber/Selena.

It ask gets a little confusing towards the end, though. She’s rubbed up against so many people in this video we’re not sure who she’s singing about. And is the photographer getting with her man? Where is she running to? We’re pretty sure it’s not for the N47 bus with her lils out like that.