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“My new video is out, and so am I!” declared Tooji when he dropped his video for The Father Project. And what a way to come out! Some people do with an emotional YouTube stunt, others simply introduce their new beau, and we did it in silver hot pants and glitter. But what about banging a priest in front of pews full of church-goers. We think that’s gonna require more than a few Hail Mary’s…

He ain’t even playing that he went to church to pray. That priest is damn hot though. We’d be using the confessional booth as a glory hole. And the way they just strip off and go at it on the alter.
“Sister Anna grab the chalice!”

And Tooji ain’t holding back either, that priest is getting ridden like a wild bull before a matador sashaying a red flag. Somebody throw this bish a lasso.