If you saw our first edition of Transformation Tuesday, you will have seen the drastic transformation in just one month with adaptable healthy eating plans, along with much-needed help from PT Thomas Wade. As we near the end of the second month of training – we can see significant differences from the beginning.

While initially, it looked like a just a weight loss plan, what we’d been doing was stripping the fat, while building muscle. A natural process that happens when you increase the amount you’re lifting and the accuracy of how you train. Both things that Thom has nailed for me personally. Now that there’s not much fat left to strip, we start to stabilise our diet by relaxing our attitude to carbs, and as you can see from the second transformation photo, I’ve started to put on lean muscle:


The main difference I’ve noticed is broader shoulders, filled-out chest and bigger arms; all the areas targeted with Thom. While I’m still training my lower body as usual, obviously it’s changing, but not at the same rate. But as I carry thick legs anyway, it wasn’t an area that needed the extra push. Which is why if you’ve got stubborn weight in a certain place that won’t shift, or a specific muscle group that is relentless to bulking, hiring a trainer just for those spots is worth the investment.

Before seeing Thom, I’d trained my chest twice a week with proven workouts from Men’s Health, but I was never able to achieve the sculpting in the lower pecs, or up by the collar bone that I desired. In just a couple months, carving out pecs and shapely traps are forming, more than had done over the past year, training on my own.

And once you’ve built muscle in places you didn’t have before, it’s easier to keep in shape. Cut to me waddling along Santa Monica beach because I’ve moved away from my beloved PT.

If you want noticeable differences to your body, and to start building muscle effectively.

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COMING SOON on C&C: Thom’s top tips for improving your training.