OK… So perhaps those weren’t his exact words, and we should probably insert the real quote before we get some jobs-worth lawyer on our ass again:

“I am single now after seven years. I meet people. I’m fine. I meet very handsome men. I like to have a conversation, looking into someone’s eyes and finding out their sense of humor. I’m not saying you have to be an Adonis, but you have to connect. We’re all men. It’s in our DNA to go for it. But I have two boys and I cannot bring different men every day into my house”

is what he recently said to The Sun newspaper. This entire quote cracks me the f*ck up. Thank you Ricky Martin for making me smile while I’m working on a sunny Saturday. He had to drop in that he meets “very handsome men”, which roughly translates to: ‘don’t even step to me when you’re some toe-looking thing. Gym bodies and chiselled jaws only!’ We also assume it’s a not-so subtle (and perhaps not intentional) dig to his ex.

“We’re all men. It’s in our DNA to go for it.” = AND WHAT I’M A HOE? IT’S IN MY DNA. ALL MEN ARE.

Basically, children fuck up meaningless sex. Who would have thought it? Breaking news, here. On the plus side, the respect he has for them might be encouraging a little more for his self.

Nah, on a level though, we’re sure he didn’t mean every day. But we get the jist of it: Having kids = being thoughtful, not THOTFUL.

Which be damn annoying, cause ain’t that a handsome face. So, we know his place is out the question… What about ours?