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Until they start hitting the bottle and singing about sex and heartbreak we’re never going to be fully onboard with Little Mix’s lyrics. We just ain’t ’bout that Disney life. BUT, lyrical constipation aside, we can’t deny a catchy pop track when we hear one. And Black Magic is definitely that.

Continuing their pursuit to break America, they’ve high-schooled up their latest video, where we’re not quite sure if their supposed to be geeks or homeless. But then, they find some Harry Potter porn and start cooking up some witch shit. It’s like the old saying goes, “High school’s a bore until you start fucking with ghosts”. I mean, when have you ever seen an ouji board go wrong?

And obviously if you had magical powers, the FIRST thing you’d do is make yourself hot with a killer wardrobe; such a positive message to all poor, ugly teens. We’re just playing, it’s all fun. And the way the cast a spell up that girl’s skirt though. Shame – move schools hoe!

The preteens of America will eat this up, like the charm the jock at school feeds them while they do his homework and he fingers a cheerleader. Anyway, it’s cute, it’s cute – but the styling is so mediocre Little Mix should can do WAY better.