French cartoonist, Yannick Tallarida has turned your favourite Disney princes into gay hunks. And, excuse us for saying, they look remarkably like situations we’ve come across all too well…

You know when you out with your wingman and he falls in love with some guy for the evening, and you just sitting on the sidelines like Sebastian, like ‘yeah, thanks bitch…’


Or basically every sex party, where one queen be dragged up, one troll in the background rating everyone in the room, the chubby bald one trying to get a touch wherever he can, and then the stunned hotties like, wtf is my life coming to…


The showers at any gay gym…


When you’re up in the club and spot and fine man but he got that hag who’s hanging on for dear life, and you just need to be like, “Girl, bye…”


When you quickly gotta try tidy up after a chill out because your moody flatmate came home… Scrub out them semen stains from the floor.


Or just casually frying any bitches that try get in the way of your gay life…



[H/T: NNN]